Listen better,Look better

When we watch movies listen to music in theaters, sight and hearing are the most important channels to experience works of art.



And good decoration can not only enhance the sense of visual beauty, but also improve sound conditions in architectural environments.



But in actual decoration, we can always encounter such a problem: the choice of upholstery fabrics is uninspiring; the quality of the fabrics provided by the supplier is intermingled, and the high-quality sound transmission cannot be guaranteed.



Obviously, we need more high-quality and a great variety of fabrics to enhance the effect of interior decoration. So we set out on a mission to make this easier. Let our customers spend the least energy, can experience the highest quality visual and auditory enjoyment.



We’re putting people first

Our customers, our team, our families, our friends and our neighbors. These people are at the center of everything that we do. So safety is the top priority of our products. The fabrics we produce do not contain any harmful substances at all, it's skin-friendly, and carries the OEKO-TEX standard 100 certification. 

我们的客户,我们的团队,我们的家人,我们的朋友和我们的邻居。这些人是我们所做工作的核心。所以安全是我们产品的重中之重。我们生产的面料完全不包含任何有害物质,可以直接亲肤,通过了瑞士standard 100认证。

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And our fabrics have passed the B1 flammability test, the flame cannot continue to burn on the fabric, which is the top level in the industry.


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We’re taking a fresh approach

Our fabrics rival the best out there. We made them ourselves instead of relying on marked-up manufacturers, so they cost way less.


At the same time, we combine digital printing and fabrics to provide customers with customized services.


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